Exclusive rooms for luxury stay. They are available in many sizes and types. Just pick one to meet your needs.


A quality restaurant where we prepare food on demand. We have a great menu with a large quantity of dishes to choose from.


We have a spacious lounge adjacent to the Reception where you can pass your idle time watching tv or meet your friends.


We got a roof with an overwhelming view. You will enjoy beautiful Sylhet from there.


All the services we provide or let your visitors reach are top rated and available each and every moment.

Neat & Clean

We make sure every inch of the hotel and net & clean as well as organized by highly experienced professionals.


We ensured maximum level of security with all types of modern equipments as well as with professional security services.


Each and every person serving our visitors is extremely gently and well trained to make sure your smile is always there.

We have 4 Cs, Choose Us


Our visitors experience the most beautiful arrangment of a residential hotel at HGC. It's too good to believe.


Everyone at HGC is super caring and always ready to do all possible help & support they need.


In a subjective or objective way, HGC literraly is cool and our guest are happy to confess that.

Cost Effective

Cost level is definitely a very good aspect to keep in mind, we make sure that our rates are reasonable.