About us

Hotel Golden City, Sylhet

Hotel Golden City is one of the magnificent hotels present in the heart of Sylhet, Bangladesh. This hotel is a symbol of sophistication and luxury. The experience and comfort offered by Hotel Golden City is flawless, and, at par with the industry standards.

We have many conditioned rooms furnished with warm and cozy interiors. The rooms are designed with maximum attention to provide

People at work with their team

You can talk to Mishtu for your booking, payment, special services etc.

If you have any query relevant to HGC & IT, you ask Shamim. We hope you get it resolved.

What we do

  • Provide Rooms to Stay

There is a bunch of furnished rooms for our gets in the hotel and we make sure our visitors get the best one for their luxury stay.

  • Serve Food & Beverages

We have our own restaurant. We cook food on demand and 24x7. We ensure you get the best food of your choice anytime you want.

  • Help Find Services

Sometimes you need to get a car or an office or something else; and here we are to help you. Just mention it and we are ready to help.

  • Help Find People

Sometimes you need find a local personnel, we try our best to reach him/her so that you can meet.

A part of the Dining Hall